dream on girl

According to my not so regular updating of my blog i'm not that good a blogger.

well, not that much has happened. 

first of all and most important for me, i have lost some weight, which means that i finally founda diet that's working fine with me. but it made me become a fruit junky :D eating tons of fruits each day which is good though, i guess. now what i need to do is to increase my use of water and sports. i'm at one glass a day atm and sports only like every 2 weeks. baaad. 

what's imressed me over the last weeks were the oscar's. i totally love that event. it's got everything. it's got glamour. it's got comedy. and what i really like about it is, that they don't honor people by popularity. mostly movies and actors/ actresses are nominated who are barely known. at least i don't really know most of them befor the oscars and i'm pretty much following gossip :D

so i thought about the job as an actress. and i thought thati would love doing it. i mean i spend my life living through movies and always wishing i was someone else. at times i want to be a doctor, then i want to be a business women, then i want to be a nanny or a highschool student ... there's so much i want to be and as an actress i could at least pretend to be some of it. 

so why not try? i mean trying doesn't hurt. the AD  

the American Dream.From rags to riches. You can achive anything. just gotta believe it. so for now. i do  



12.3.10 15:05


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