yeah well... my little sister (not biologically but emotionally) is becoming 18 tomorrow. And I still don't have a present

I want it to be special. Show her i love her. Not just decoration. Sth she could use. something personal. something not to expensive. 

i know i'm not gonna give it to her tomorrow. but at least next friday because it's the day of her party. i'm pretty sure i don't want to give her a gift coupon. but somehow it seems like the best idea...


maybe she'll be going to get a cake, too. i need to see if there's still money on my account after paying the rent for july & august... hope so.


tonight then i'm gonna watch "the box" with annika. instead of germany's next topmodel... hmmm... let's hope it's good. i bet i wont be able to sleep afterwards. just like yesterday when i watched "funny games u.s." which wasn't even scary btw. still i was scared those guys would be standing right in front of my bed if i turned around and closed my eyes to sleep. hell no. i'm such a girl. :D


oh and btw. diet is going good. loosing some weight every few weeks and feeling soo much more comfortable! 



have a good one xoxo

6.5.10 16:00


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Fyn / Website (6.5.10 16:35)
Ein Fotoalbum : )
ob sie dann bilder von euch zweibeiden rein macht oder von anderen Erlebnissen die ihr wichtig sind kann sie dann entscheiden :P

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